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  1. Allison Mims takes the sweet moments of your life and documents them for lasting memories. She captures who we truly are. She does not force fake smiles and awkward poses. She embraces who God made us to be, and this allows the person to feel beautiful in their own skin. In what could be an awkward photo shoot, it turns into an enjoyable morning, afternoon, or evening with a down-to-earth girl who loves you and her art. Not only will you love the photos, but you will love Allison.

  2. Allison truly knew how to put what was in my brain of how I wanted to look in a photo and make it a reality. She makes the shoots fun and comfortable, taking you to places you never thought even existed. She captures the small, beautiful moments brilliantly and I would recommend her work to absolutely anyone.

  3. Allison does a great job of making you feel beautiful. She never ceases to astonish me in the work she does. I have watched her work over the past few years & she is always doing something new & exciting with her photography & the people she photographs. She captures your personality in every photo because she doesn’t make you do anything you don’t want to do. She is an outstanding photographer & I couldn’t ask for anyone better to capture such beautiful moments in life.

  4. Allison’s work is truly and consistently beautiful. Her portrait photography not only captures a great picture of a memorable event, but it captures the individuality of the person as well. She is a wonderful person who is fun, comfortable, and professional to work with. During her sessions, she flawlessly combines your vision with her ideas to exceed expectations. Her passion shows through in all of her photography, whether of people, places, or everyday moments in life, making for photographs that are beautifully artistic and authentic.

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