Art Philosophy

I want to make work that is beautiful on the outside, but is also more meaningful and deeper than that. I want to make work that is more than just surface-level pretty. Not only do I want to create attractive visuals, I want to create works that inspire, change, evoke, and make a difference in this world. Raising awareness of a certain event, finding true and real beauty in all things, bringing to light what may be in the dark, and leaving a lasting, positive impact is what I am after, whether it is by newer means of graphic design or digital photography on the computer, or a more classic approach such as film photography, printmaking, or painting.
Working on projects by incorporating hands-on activity is something that is important to me. I truly believe in tangible objects I can work with (like film, paint, ink, or cut-outs) and that they do make a difference in my overall aesthetic I am acheiving. I am inspired by the nature that is around me, and vintage/antique objects that I have always admired. Revisiting nostalgia and exploring the world around me influences the concepts of my work. 

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