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 Allison Mims was born in Claremore, Oklahoma in 1992. Her main choices of mediums are graphic design and photography. Allison completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree with a focus in graphic design at Rogers State University in Claremore in 2015. She has exhibited some of her work at the Student Art Shows at RSU, her senior Capstone class, Living Arts of Tulsa, ADCT Graphex, and has studied art abroad in Italy. Along with being a maker and artist, she also works full time with special needs students at a junior high school. She wants to make a difference in the world with her art by seeing the beauty in every day life, and letting people know that they are loved and not alone. Some of her favorite things to do besides working on art projects include drinking coffee and tea, being outside, traveling, painting, loving on people, hanging out with kiddos, loving Jesus, and reading. 



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